David Hockney painting sells for $90M, smashing records

Money has never mattered that much to David Hockney, as long as he has enough to continue working. But equally, he's also always had a good memory for figures -- for the pounds, shillings and pence. As a student at London's Royal College of Art, he remembers selling a drawing to a friend and fellow … [Read more...]

US drops key demand for Trump-Kim summit

Vice President Mike Pence said Thursday that the US will not require North Korea to provide a full list of its nuclear and missile sites before President Donald Trump meets with dictator Kim Jong Un for a second summit slated for early next year. … [Read more...]

‘Death knell’ of press freedom in Hong Kong

Every day before work, Kevin Lau stopped for breakfast at a restaurant in Sai Wan Ho, a residential area in eastern Hong Kong. It was a routine as ingrained in him as brushing his teeth, and it nearly cost him his life. … [Read more...]

China’s Xi starts goodwill tour of the Pacific

Chinese President Xi Jinping kicked off a packed itinerary in Papua New Guinea Friday at the start of a tour which marks Beijing's latest diplomatic foray into a region once considered outside of China's sphere of influence. … [Read more...]

Japan’s scenic fine-dining restaurant train

On board Japan's Tohoku Emotion train, most passengers care less about where the train is going than what's on the menu. … [Read more...]

Anderson Cooper mocks Trump’s claim with clown video

CNN's Anderson Cooper discusses President Trump's lack of evidence to support his voter fraud claim that voters went into their cars to change clothes and vote again. … [Read more...]

Lawsuit: ‘Predatory’ Dartmouth professors plied students with alcohol and raped them

Three former Dartmouth College professors turned the school's Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences into a "21st Century Animal House," where female students were subjected to rape and sexual harassment, a federal lawsuit alleges. … [Read more...]

US to reduce number of troops in Africa

The Pentagon has approved a long-awaited plan to reduce the number of US troops conducting counterterrorism missions in Africa over the next three years, three US officials tell CNN. … [Read more...]

Massive impact crater found deep beneath Greenland’s ice

A team of international researchers has verified the discovery of the first meteorite impact crater ever found deep beneath the Greenland ice sheet. … [Read more...]

The 36 most outrageous lines in Trump’s Daily Caller interview

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