Scotland’s former First Minister Alex Salmond arrested

Alex Salmond, for years the leading face of the Scottish independence campaign, has been arrested and could appear in court later Thursday. … [Read more...]

Venezuelan president Maduro to speak at Supreme Court after US backs his opponent

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Venezuelan president to speak at Supreme Court after Trump backs his opponent

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is expected to speak at Venezuela's Supreme Court Thursday, a day after he gave US diplomats 72 hours to leave the country in response to US support of opposition leader Juan Guaido. … [Read more...]

How to solve the world’s plastics problem

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With the population in free fall, Japan’s military turns to women to fill the ranks

The first time 22-year-old Akiko Hirayama stepped on board a navy ship, she was transfixed by the hardware. … [Read more...]

Bing is now ‘inaccessible’ in China

Microsoft's Bing search engine has run into trouble in China. … [Read more...]

See how drug smugglers avoid border wall

CNN's Ed Lavandera takes you inside underground tunnels that connect the US and Mexico, where drugs are smuggled beneath a border town working to root out and seal off the tunnels. … [Read more...]

Nancy Pelosi isn’t giving an inch

Nancy Pelosi isn't giving an inch. … [Read more...]

Airbus says its UK factories may not survive a disorderly Brexit

Airbus has warned that its plants in the United Kingdom may not survive if the country crashes out of the European Union, rupturing trade links and supply chains. … [Read more...]

Missing footballer’s ‘last goodbye’ tweet gathers added poignancy

Emiliano Sala wanted to say goodbye one final time. … [Read more...]