There is Still Time You can “ # Save Dallas”

Tweet to Save Dallas!

    We can all help to  save one of the best shows on air!   Last month a viral effort launched  to try to save the popular  canceled television series Dallas. Countless  fans,  cast and crew  members of TNT’s “Dallas” are asking the cable network to renew the … [Read more...]

Phillip Anthony Gornail: Elite Professional Driven by Optimism and Positivity

phillip a gornail

"My life changed for the best when I decided that being effective was much better than being right." - Phillip Anthony Gornail These are powerful words to live by and a personal philosophy realized by Phillip Anthony Gornail, one that he follows everyday. Gornail is a self described “man with a … [Read more...]

Bulletproof Spirit: The First Responder’s Essential Resource for Protecting and Healing Mind and Heart By: Captain Dan Willis

Willis Dan

Police Captain Dan Willis is a former homicide investigator and SWAT commander who has developed wellness programs and specializes in providing emotional survival and wellness training to first responders. He is a graduate of San Diego State University and the FBI National Academy.   His book … [Read more...]

Bridget Hilton and Joe Huff Founders of LSTN Headphones – Stunning Design, Great Sound – Every Pair Sold Helps Someone with Hearing Loss!


Mission: We believe that what’s good for business should be good for the world. When we started LSTN, our mission was to create a company that could create global change by providing high quality products that help fund hearing restoration and spread awareness for the global problem of hearing … [Read more...]

Dr. Steven L. Davis


Voted Top Plastic Surgeon Dr. Steven L. Davis is nationally known in the field of plastic surgery and a pioneer of new procedures Dr. Steven L. Davis is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon who is always on the cusp of the latest technologies, techniques and procedures. Often included as one of the … [Read more...]

Harv Greenberg: Radiologist, Travel Photographer, Philanthropist and Dream Achiever


Everyone has a dream but not everyone is able to make that dream a reality. For Harv Greenberg making his own dreams a reality was not only fortunate but in his eyes it was a necessity. Harv knew from a very young age that medicine was his calling. His father was born with a serious … [Read more...]

Bill Gladstone


Top Literary Agent and Author Launches Waterfront Press eBooks Powered by Vook Will Help Shift the Publishing Landscape Mega literary agency Waterside Productions Inc., in collaboration with Vook and its new eBook creation, has entered a partnership to create Waterfront Press as the primary … [Read more...]


bomb2 Start- Up Star of the Week! Guys can now take the guesswork out of buying clothes online! Bombfell is a monthly clothing subscription designed entirely for men. Your clothes will get picked by a stylist, so you can spend your time doing more important things and still look … [Read more...]

Innovative Book – A must for all Entrepreneurs – Less Doing, More Living


    Authored By: Ari Meisel Efficiency expert Ari Meisel details his "Less Doing" philosophy, which will streamline your life, and make everything easier.   In business and our personal lives, it often seems as if the only way to get more done is by putting in more … [Read more...]

Mindful Eating, Wellness Expert Nadya Andreeva Authors New Book Happy Belly: A Woman’s Guide to Feeling Vibrant, Light and Balanced


A must read for every woman! Happy Belly: A Woman's Guide to Feeling Vibrant, Light and Balanced is the first book penned by world renowned mindful eating specialist, yoga instructor, and wellness coach, Nadya Andreeva. Happy Belly is a holistic, comprehensive, healthy living roadmap, combining … [Read more...]