Baby No. 2 on way for which celeb couple?

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Astronomer: End human space missions

Britain's leading astronomer has called on Europe to end human spaceflights because he says they are no longer cost effective or a benefit to science. … [Read more...]

Their son was killed by an alligator, too

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Helen Mirren in new ‘Fast and Furious’ film

When you think fast cars and action you may not think Helen Mirren. … [Read more...]

EU vote campaigning halted after attack on anti-Brexit lawmaker

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Fine dining direct from the Arctic

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EgyptAir voice recorder found, damaged

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The secret passion of Zaha Hadid

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Violent prisoner’s disturbing art

Over 40 years in prison has had an unexpected effect on Charles Salvador, formerly known as Charles Bronson. Now, he says, he is a "born again artist."Popular: Guns in America | Sanders Demands Clinton Apologize | Blindsided: How ISIS Shook The World … [Read more...]

The issue that’s dividing Britain

Britain has lost control of its borders. Immigrants make the economy more prosperous. Public services are overstretched because Europeans are pouring in. Which of these statements are fact or fiction is anybody's guess. … [Read more...]