Ten Deliciously Good Tips for Online Start-Up’s

Australian entrepreneur Kelly Baker-Jamieson, founder of online gourmet gifting site Edible Blooms, knows a thing or two about the challenges and difficulties in starting up an online business. Like many entrepreneurs, Kelly has encountered cash flow requirements, staffing issues and server … [Read more...]

Big Marker.com


Zhu-song Mei Founder & CEO at BigMarker.com The Social Network for Communities BigMarker.com - www.bigmarker.com Zhu-song Mei, as CEO of BigMarker.com, brings communication to the next level with the social network for communities. He believes the world can be revolutionized if we … [Read more...]

How to Be Exceptional: Drive Leadership Success By Magnifying Your Strengths


Authored by : John Zenger Joseph Folkman Jr., Robert H. Sherwin Barbara Steel Rethink Everything You Know About Leadership Strengths "A must-read for anyone wanting to positively stand out in an organization or for leaders wanting to raise the overall performance of the organization." -- … [Read more...]