Phillip Anthony Gornail: Elite Professional Driven by Optimism and Positivity

“My life changed for the best when I decided that being effective was much better than being right. – Phillip Anthony Gornail

These are powerful words to live by and a personal philosophy realized by Phillip Anthony Gornail, one that he follows everyday. Gornail is a self described man with a purpose, belief in himself and a commitment to make a positive impact in this world… one person at a time.” His journey to achieve this goal includes positions as a TV producer and content creator, radio show producer and host, participant and board member of a mentoring organization for fathers, he is a member of The Emmaus Men’s Ministry and most important of all he is the father of four amazing children.

Currently Gornail is an Equity Partner at Cardiff Group in New York City. The recruiting firm specializes in the placement of accounting and finance professionals in the sports and entertainment industries counting HBO, Madison Square Garden, the New York Mets and the family of companies at News Corp among its clients. This is actually Gornail’s second time at Cardiff Group, returning after a three-year absence. Connecting the dots between people and opportunities comes easily to Gornail because he is passionate about helping candidates and clients achieve their goals and he excels at providing personal service. When he was first introduced to the executive search arena he says he took to it like a fish to water, happily surprised that he could earn a living doing what came naturally. So naturally in fact that he maintained a 0% attrition rate for his clients, placed the most culturally diverse candidates and placed the most women at the highest job opportunity levels with Cardiff Group clients. According to John LaRocca Managing Partner at Cardiff Group; “Phillip has a client service mentality and the unique ability to develop rapport when he greets you, like instant chemistry.  He’s that “you had me at hello” guy and both candidates and clients trust him because he does what he says he will do.”

In between his positions at Cardiff Group Gornail was living in Florida working in television and radio. He is the Co-Creator and Producer of Forbes Living TV starring noted spokesperson, actress and inventor of the spin gym Forbes Reilly. The show is nationally syndicated and counts WE TV, Lifetime Real Women and the Esquire Network among its broadcast partners. In keeping with his philosophy to spread positivity Gornail co-created the show to inspire and enhance the lives of its guests and viewers. The show describes itself as “One part Oprah and one part Shark Tank” providing a broadcast venue for inventors, creators and entrepreneurs.

His radio career is just as inspiring as he is the Co-Creator and Co-Host of the podcast “Marvelous Mondays with Harry and Phil”. The title alone says it all. The mission and vision for the show is to give volume to the voices of those making a positive impact in the world and for everyone to have access to positive content worldwide.The show was born in 2008 when after the elections Gornail was challenged by a friend in personal development to stop watching, listening and reading mainstream media. His friend insisted that anyone experiencing negative swings in their lives would do well to give TV a break.  The break lasted longer than the 30 days initially spoken of and in 2009 the idea of starting a positive news only podcast took Gornail a nanosecond to say yes to.  At first it was simply a hobby that spoke to the solution rather than the passive aggressive stance of “Not” watching or listening to the current media outlets.  The show steadily gained in popularity and after 5 years, 250 interviews and 100,000 downloads of the show, both Harry & Phil felt it was time to get the show into high gear. While downloads of the first 5 years are still available the guys are taking a break in order to rebrand the show and website which will speak to the growth and demand for more positive news, information and people. 

Although he has achieved many professional milestones, Gornail credits his faith in God as the greatest achievement of his soul thus far. He doesn’t state this from a religious perch but rather from a humble realization. After his divorce in 2004 he felt that his life was in a state of confusion. The Emmaus Men’s Ministry in South Florida literally saved his life and enabled him to find a place to serve others also going through life’s challenges. The retreat-based ministry helped Gornail to better understand himself and gain a sense of purpose through service to others. Currently he is in the planning stages for bringing the movement to the evangelical community in New York City.

In his most important role of all Phillip Anthony Gornail is the father to four children, all the more reason to believe in, practice and set an example in positivity. ‘The Fathering Forum’ is an organization dedicated to men supporting each other to become better men and fathers. – The most important job a man will undertake is that of a father. Why do it alone? Gornail got involved with The Fathering Forum when he helped them produce a video highlighting the transition kids make from adolescence to the teenage years.  He stayed on through the years to help them spread the word through social media and developed a marketing plan and eventually became a board member. A cornerstone principle of the forum is a quote by Fredrick Douglas; “It is easier to raise strong children than it is to fix broken men.”

 Fathering is a team sport. We all understand the principle that ‘it takes a village…’ then why not elicit the mentoring of the collective wisdom of fathers from several generations of men?  Gornail says his relationship with his kids post-divorce is 100% better because of his affiliation and participation with the forum. He states; “I’m not alone in my desire to constantly improve as a father and help my kids be the best and most well-adjusted humans on earth.”  

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