Bridget Hilton and Joe Huff Founders of LSTN Headphones – Stunning Design, Great Sound – Every Pair Sold Helps Someone with Hearing Loss!

Mission: We believe that what’s good for business should be good for the world. When we started LSTN, our mission was to create a company that could create global change by providing high quality products that help fund hearing restoration and spread awareness for the global problem of hearing loss and hearing impairment. Our Giving Back. Amplified. program wasn’t an afterthought or marketing gimmick, it was the reason we started LSTN.We didn’t just want to create another headphone company. We wanted to create something that could change the world.

Bridget Hilton and Joe Huff are founders of the highly successful brand, LSTN headphones. It is a two year old social enterprise that is helping people globally with hearing issues by providing hearing aids. Hilton loved music and since she was a young girl she knew that music would be her path in life. By the time she was 15 years old Hilton got her first job in Detroit at a concert venue.

 Over the 10 years you could find Hilton between the vinyl racks at record stores, packing boxes in major label mail-rooms and selling merchandise on tour for her favorite bands. However,  the next phase of her life took a turn with a video she

encountered. A young woman heard her own voice for the very first time while her husband filmed the event. Hilton could not imagine her life would be without ever hearing music, so she researched and was amazed to learn there are 360

million people with disabling hearing loss. However, the vast majority are located in developing countries who could be helped with just a simple hearing aid.

 Hilton knew then and there she had to do something to help.  Her close friend Joe Huff shared with Hilton his realization that what matters most is what they can do to help others. Joe had left his previous position to do exactly that! Joe’s

background was in fashion and Hilton’s background in music so they were determined to find a way to make their two worlds join that could help people globally.

The duo met to set a plan on their goal to build a Social Enterprise through music.   Hilton and Huff launched LSTN with their mission of changing the world through the power of music. The team later moved the company into a small office. 

Today, our offices have now become trains, planes and automobiles as we now travel the world growing our company, stated Hilton.”

LSTN is a for-purpose company that connects individuals, families and communities through sound.   The mission was crucial to to Hilton and Huff, but manufacturing the highest quality product was extremely important.

 LSTN now manufactures produces one of the top rated headphones sold in the marketplace.  The wood lends a uniqueness to the product.

LSTN Headphones wood is sourced from furniture and flooring companies, whose pieces generate extensive leftover scraps, ideal for the headphones.

You can’t make furniture with them, but the scraps are plenty big to make things like ear buds and headphones with,” Huff says. “Plus we get access to exotic woods that we wouldn’t otherwise have access to.”

 Their next phase of the enterprise was partnering with the Starkey Hearing Foundationto help restore hearing for a person in need with every pair that they sell.

 In August the duo traveled to Peru and donated  10,000 hearing aids.   

They observed first hand children and adults getting to hear sounds for the very first time!  There are 275 million people in the world with hearing impairments and nine out of ten can be helped with a hearing aid.

In under 2 years, LSTN has been able to give the gift of sound to over 15,000 people through Starkey in the U.S., Peru, Kenya and Uganda.

  Hilton and Huff then ventured to China where they gifted 1875 hearing aids. This is just the start in their mission.

 LSTN brand offers three styles in three colors (beech, cherry and ebony) ear buds, over-ear foldable headphones and regular over-ear.

 The head phones are sold at boutiques, record stores, Whole Foods, Nordstrom or online at: www.




For the lovers of all things classic. The music fans who pay attention to details. The sophisticated and stylish can’t-leave-home-without-my-headphones types. Each pair of LSTN Troubadours is made from real wood.No two pairs are the same and grain might vary from photos.

 Beechwood casing

- Plush earcups for long term use
- Unpluggable, wood enclosed, gold plated plugs
- In-line microphone
- Durable, nylon wrapped cables
- Adjustable metal band
- Works with iPhone®, iPod®, Android®, Blackberry®, CD, DVD, spaceships etc.


 For the adventure-seekers. The active lifestyle enthusiasts. The I-just-want-to-fold-them-up-and-throw-them-in-my-bag types.Each pair of LSTN Fillmores is individually handcrafted from real, reclaimed wood.No two pairs are the same and wood grain might vary from photos.

Beechwood casing

- Padded headband for long term use
- Unpluggable, wood enclosed, gold plated plugs
- Durable, nylon wrapped cables
- In-line microphone
- Compactable, travel ready design
- Works with iPhone®, iPod®, Android®, Blackberry®, CD, DVD, spaceships etc.


For the fans of convenience and accessibility. The music lovers who never go a minute without their favorite tunes. The always-on-the-go-go-go types.Each pair of LSTN Bowerys is individually handcrafted from real wood.No two pairs are the same and wood grain might vary from photos.

  Beechwood housing

- Microphone for calls and voice recording
- Passive noise isolation
- Durable nylon wrapped cable
- Works with iPhone®, iPod®, Android®, Blackberry®, CD, DVD, spaceships etc.

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