Harv Greenberg: Radiologist, Travel Photographer, Philanthropist and Dream Achiever

Everyone has a dream but not everyone is able to make that dream a reality.

For Harv Greenberg making his own dreams a reality was not only fortunate but in his eyes it was a necessity.

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Harv knew from a very young age that medicine was his calling. His father was born with a serious congenital heart defect and was treated by a world famous pediatric cardiologist, Dr. Helen Taussig. When Harv was just five years old, his father had written Dr. Taussig to say that his son wanted to become a physician. Years later, when Harv was in college working at Johns Hopkins on a research grant, he looked up his father’s medical records and found the letter he had written to Dr. Taussig. You can only imagine his surprise!

Silverback Gorillas - Rwanda 2With his focus on practicing medicine firmly in place, Harv spent his high school and college summer breaks performing research at Johns Hopkins, U.C. Davis and the Huntington Institute of Applied Medical Research. He was fortunate to have published in the medical literature prior to entering the U.C. San Francisco School of Medicine.

After completing the requisite four years of medical school, a year of internship and four years of residency in radiology followed by a one-year fellowship in MRI, Harv entered private practice and now is a hospital based radiologist specializing in MRI. He typically spends 70 hours a week working and considers the practice of medicine and the ability to intervene in his patient’s lives when it matters most for them a privilege and a gift.

India Boy in a BowlProfessionally satisfied with his medical practice, Harv began to contemplate his other dream of traveling the world. In 2006 one of his patients complained of an ongoing pain in his chest, the man was only 38 years old, five years younger than Harv was at the time. After a Cat-Scan it was revealed the patient was suffering from terminal lung cancer. This experience and more like it gave Harv the life changing push he needed to begin traveling and photographing all that he saw.

Since then Harv has spent his off time captured inspiring people, animals, architecture, nature and experiences with his camera. From the Russia Church of the savior on spilled bloodmountains and monuments of Chile, Europe and Tibet to the Amazon jungle and the streets of India, Russia, Paris and Dubai, the fact that Harv is fortunate to be able to have these experiences is not lost on him. Witnessing a Bengal Tiger in India’s searing heat cool off in a lake or seeing larger then life icebergs in Antarctica has moved Harv beyond words. For this reason he donates 10% of his photography sales from www.harvgreenberg.com to four carefully chosen charities; The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, Tibet House, Action Against Hunger International and the Rainforest Alliance.

In Harv Greenberg’s opinion being an elite individual is the ability to find the proper balance and direction in life and appreciate it all while helping others.

For more information about Harv Greenberg and his photography please visit www.harvgreenberg.com