Plan a Unique and Romantic Holiday

By: Francois Le Bon

Are you looking for a romantic, unique escape? Or maybe you are searching for the perfect honeymoon destination. Show your significant other how much you care by taking him or her on a journey that is romantic and relaxing for both of you. With the holidays  just around the corner here are a few of the most romantic places you must visit.

A gorgeous place to visit whenever mentioning the word romance is my home city of Paris, it is also known as “The City of Love”. Those who have visited this breathtaking city all contemplate on how magical their Paris experience was. Just sitting back and looking at the amazing architecture or watching the beautiful sun setting from the Eiffel tower can make your heart skip a beat. You can even enjoy a romantic walk by the River Seine or have a candlelit dinner in one of the many sidewalk cafes or a 5 star restaurant such as Jules Verne. Another amazing experience which you can enjoy with your partner is the “All about Chocolate” Spa experience at the Four Seasons George Hotel. This consists of a chocolate body scrub, chocolate body wrap and a massage with cocoa oil. For the women you know what they say, a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so this would be a perfect way to re-kindle your love.

One of Paris’s rivals is no other place than Prague. One associates this nostalgic city to somewhat of a fairytale, with its castle, old architecture and history. Also with its romantic atmosphere Prague is considered to be more of an adventure. You can spend your holiday exploring the old town square and listen to the sound of the 600 hundred year old clock. The Gothic bridges are considered to be a lover’s lane, you can take strolls along the bridge holding hands with your loved one and enjoy lunch at Chateaux one of the world’s most historic places.

A place that always puts a smile on my face is Venice also known as the “floating city”, riding on one of the Gondolas of love with your special someone will definitely make your heart feel warm inside. You can also visit the Venetian Wine Bar and enjoy a glass of wine while you’re there. Being one of the most highly credited tourist destinations, you can also enjoy a bit of art, history and of course some of the finest Italian food.

When thinking of scene of a couple strolling down a sunlit beach , another lovely destination is Malta. With its sun bred beaches, deep blue sees and antique cities Malta brings a feeling of love and passion. Having friendly faces at every corner you can enjoy a different style of life. One of the main attributes in Malta is the amazing food. You can try the “Hobz bi zejt” or the “bigilla” These will sure tickle you tastes buds. Summer is the best time to visit the small island especially if you plan on getting a tan; the temperature is warm so after a long day lazing at the beach , sharing a dip in your private villa or hotel pool with your partner will surely help you to cool off!!

I cannot go without mentioning one of the most breath taking destinations for honeymoons or just a romantic getaway for your special someone. The Mauritius Islands with its sandy white beaches known as a paradise, is based in the Indian Ocean is one of the BEST places to go. You can enjoy a whole day on the most exquisite beaches or by visiting the underwater scenery. For the ladies shopping here is a never ending experience, everything is reasonable and has high reputation on the standard of its products. If you are more of an activities person you can enjoy many sports activities such as cycling, caving or trekking. If you’re planning to go anywhere Mauritius is a must see place and is the perfect setting from a romantic getaway.

So what are you waiting for? Make the first step of love and book a holiday destination that you will never forget. I can assure you with the mentioned destinations you will have the experience and memory of a lifetime for you and your special someone.