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 Rebecca Ray Designs, located in Chagrin Falls, OH was founded by the guiding principal that “A company can do well by doing good.” The company’s strong commitment to community is well documented in the innovative job development partnerships Rebecca Ray has created.

Rebecca Yuhasz Smith

In 1998 Rebecca Smith started her business at home as an interior design firm and began designing handbags as a hobby. Rebecca’s drew on her experiences in both the show dog and equestrian worlds as inspiration for creating her beautiful handbags adorned with antique equestrian images and rhinestone pins that appealed to those who enjoy the sporting life. Before Rebecca knew it, the designs took off, she was knee deep in orders, drowning in fabric and needed help. A chance meeting with a local Amish family was the genesis of a business model that employs members of the local Amish communities in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Throughout her travels, Rebecca amassed an impressive collection of sporting art, vintage fabrics, and jewelry and paper ephemera which eventually morphed Rebecca Ray Designs into the company that it is now; a lifestyle company that incorporates her collections and passion for animals and the sporting life.

Rebecca is a self-described “Driven, type “A” personality who immensely enjoys a challenge and every aspect of her very busy, diverse life.” She goes on to say, “I have so many responsibilities but I love everyone of them. I feel that I have a lot to give which is the reason my life is a constant whirlwind… a good way.”

Rebecca has been married to her husband Derek Smith for 17 years. They met in college while both were on the Miami University Equestrian team.

Derek holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Business School. Currently he is a Vice President of Sales for Demand Tec Solutions, a division of IBM. He is also a volunteer fireman in Chagrin Falls, OH. Derek’s demanding job requires him to travel to Asia twice a month for at least one week at a time. It is during these times that Rebecca is left on her own, not only to her everyday responsibilities of running her business but also to the business of raising their daughter Elizabeth and the menagerie of animals she and her family dearly love. Rebecca is a third generation show dog enthusiast and breeder, she currently has 10 English Setters of show quality, as well as 3 horses, 4 rabbits, 4 cats and a few guinea pigs. As if all of this wasn’t enough Rebecca challenged herself yet again when she and Derek recently sold their beautiful, modern family home and purchased a 35 acre farm (previously owned by the same family for 60 years) complete with a farm house, multiple barns, a 1951 tractor, apple and peach orchards and a grape vineyard. The restoration of the property and its buildings is underway while Rebecca, Derek, Elizabeth and their animals reside there. Everyday reveals a new renovation or animal care situation that must be dealt with. Rebecca ‘s goal is to have a working urban farm. Recently Rebecca has been heard mourning the loss of her former kitchen and her favorite feature; it’s Viking Stove.


About Rebecca Ray Designs

Rebecca Ray Designs currently employees 6 women, 4 are moms and 3 of whom like Rebecca, are working mothers with husbands who travel. These women have bonded over their working relationships as well as the similarities of their married lives.

Rebecca Ray Designs is an original brand of home and fashion accessories built on integrity, authenticity, charm and quality. The product line includes luxe handbags, men’s and women’s leather accessories and home décor products featuring antique and vintage sporting art images. Sold online as well as at over 300 fine retailers, the collections are hand-made in Ohio’s Amish Country using traditional methods of production, which include no electricity, instead relying on treadle powered sewing machines and steam fuel. “Daily communication is always a challenge in this horse and buggy community.”  This requires Rebecca to make frequent trips to Amish country to meet with her creative team. Recently, Rebecca and her brother Christopher launched the Seven Barks Fine Goods stationery line, which features wonderful vintage images of animals and empowered women depicting America in the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s.
Rebecca Ray Designs has philanthropic endeavors encompassing organizations benefiting children, horses, dogs and land conservation. The company contributes to The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Fieldstone Farm Therapeutic Riding and The Geauga County Dog Shelter among others.

Rebecca’s entrepreneurial spirit is contagious and has engaged family, friends, colleagues and community to contribute to this innovative, growing company.

Rebecca Ray Production Process


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