Matt Thazhmon Founder and CEO of PowerInbox

(Founder and CEO) Matt Thazhmon, PowerInbox is made up of an all star team with years of experience building platforms.

Interactive emails have arrived!

Bring interactive emails to over 1.5 billion people.

  • PlayShop
  • Share
  • Listen
  • Rent
  • Find
  • Learn
  • Survey
  • Schedule

So many possibilities, right inside your emails.

What is PowerInbox?

PowerInbox brings the app experience to email. Email apps (which we affectionately call “PowerApps”) make your emails more useful by letting you perform actions inside the email itself.
A Facebook email lets you comment back on a photo, a Groupon email shows a live countdown to expiry or a Twitter email lets you tweet and follow back. We’re building more apps for all your favorite services, but would love to hear of any apps that you want us to build for you.

PowerInbox is focused on delivering live, engaging content within email messages. At present, PowerInbox enables interactive email to operate within Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! email accounts founded by Matt Thazhmon.

Prior to founding PowerInbox, Thazhmon was Director of Product Management at PlaySpan (acquired by Visa for $190 million) and managed the PlaySpan Monetization Platform. Before PlaySpan, Thazhmon was at Electronic Arts on the Central Online Technologies team, where he architected and implemented the framework/features for the common online experience used for 20 titles across three platforms over multiple product years. Thazhmon was awarded patent 7,156,733 B2 for his work on data sharing across EA products.

Matt simultaneously earned his M.S. in Computer Engineering, B.S. in Computer Engineering, Minor in Computer Science and Minor in Business Administration from Drexel University (Magna Cum Laude).

About PowerInbox

Founded in 2010, PowerInbox is an email technology company that is transforming people’s online communications – enabling live, interactive emails inside popular email services such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! and Outlook. Content providers, marketers, social communicators and others can deploy PowerInbox to create fun, engaging and valuable opportunities for consumers to watch, play, shop, share, listen, find, and learn, survey, schedule and more — all while inside an open email message.

Based in Cambridge, MA, the company’s investors include Atlas Ventures, Longworth Venture Partners, Correlation Ventures, Egan-Managed Capital, Founder Collective, along with a wide range of angel investors.

Website Links
Learn more: http://powerinbox.com/learnmore.
Game email tutorial: http://developer.powerinbox.com/hello-world .
Video email tutorial: http://developer.powerinbox.com/video-app-tutorial .

PowerInbox is headquartered in Central Square, Cambridge, MA.
matt@powerinbox.com | (650) 275 3829