Music for tomorrow

A  non-profit that is helping to raise public awareness of the beauty and culture of jazz, while helping to create performance

opportunities for musicians!


Music For Tomorrow is a non-profit 501c3 organization whose mission is to stimulate the creative economy by fostering performance opportunities for jazz musicians across the country. Through these efforts, it seeks to raise public awareness of the beauty of jazz music, as well as the extraordinary culture it has to offer.

They launched in 2006 after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. In an effort to help displaced jazz musicians, Music For Tomorrow created performance opportunities for jazz musicians and raise awareness about jazz music.
Today, Music For Tomorrow’s online band booking service provides performance opportunities while connecting jazz musicians with audiences. Music For Tomorrow enables folks to find and book musicians quickly and within budget, creating more access to jazz music while extending the music’s reach.

In keeping with the mission to help the creative economy, Music For Tomorrow requests a voluntary donation for each gig booked. These donations perpetuate MFT’s band booking service, which ensures more performance opportunities and jobs, for musicians, while growing the jazz audience and celebrating the traditions of New Orleans.

The arts are beneficial to the American economy. Arts generate $166.2 billion in economic activity, support 5.7 million jobs and return nearly $30 billion in revenue to the government each year. Donations to MFT are investments that help jazz musicians find more employment opportunities and bolster the creative economy.

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You need live jazz? We’ve got you covered.

1. Give us some details about your gig: time, date, address, budget.
2. We’ll check which local bands can play your gig.
3. We’ll give you a list of available musicians. You can listen to sample clips, visit their websites before you book.
4. Pick the band you like the most.
5. After the band is booked, we ask for a voluntary donation which helps us cover our costs and enhance our service.

What bands may I book?
Over 60 top jazz bands can be found on our website. Right now we are only booking gigs in the New York City area and Hamptons

Yes, and your donation to MFT is tax deductible.

Who works at MFT?
We’re a few friends that are trying to help jazz musicians find more work and spread America’s classical music – jazz. We’ve never had paid staff.

Who uses MFT?
Event planners, wedding planners, restaurateurs, party throwers. Guys looking to impress a date.

I’m a band. How do I sign up on MFT?
Select “Join” and then “I’m a musician. Let me know about gigs.”
Once you sign up, we’ll review and approve. We’re only accepting bands based in NYC area.
We’re in closed beta, so we’re unable to accept all bands.

What does it cost musicians to join MFT?
Nothing. No fees. No sign up costs. We’re trying to help musicians find more work and make more money.


Jude Law- Founding Member
Dave Matthews- Board Member
Anthony DeFeo- Executive Director
Kabir Sehgal-Founding Member