The Psychology of Wealth

How do you define wealth? Your income? The size of your retirement fund? Your homes, cars, jewelry, artwork?

The Great Depression taught us, is that ‘wealth’ in the traditional financial sense is fleeting. With the record numbers of home foreclosures and investment portfolios decimated, not only must we redefine the idea of wealth beyond the simple collection of material objects, but we must also re-examine our personal and collective – psychological understanding of how to obtain wealth.
Improve your “relationship” with money, build financial self-esteem, and make better choices to achieve your wealth goals.

In this fascinating exploration of the delicate relationship between money and the human mind, clinical psychologist Charles Richards explains that discovering our sense of self is the key to determining our relationship with money. He contends that credit or debt can be useful tools for building personal growth—if applied properly.

Richards pays close attention to credit options, illustrating which ones are reactionary and, thus, harmful, and which ones are safe, reasonable, and healthy—and how these can be used to create wealth-enhancing and personal-growth opportunities.

The Psychology of Wealth will compel readers to:

Reevaluate their perceptions of wealth
Question the messages about wealth they they received in their youth
Create new vision of wealth based on their personal values, goals and expectations
Appraise and rebuild their self-esteem and overall self-image to pave the road toward wealth

This invaluable book will show the readers how they can make the most beneficial decisions and chart their best possible financial course by taking the responsibility to educate themselves. Dr. Richards explains that one of the keys to conscious financial living and creating prosperity is seeking out knowledge about our options and resources. Simply, learn how money works.

The book explores the benefits and pitfalls of various forms of credit and debt, steering readers away from the trappings of unconscious debt, like revolving credit, and towards conscious debt that promotes responsibility, sets a clear goal and creates a feeling of accomplishment when paid.

Dr. Richards offers real life strategy plans to a healthier and happier financial future. He spent hundreds of hours researching the roles that wealth plays in our lives and conducted dozens of interviews with some of the nation’s most knowledgeable and inspirational experts in numerous fields from law to finance, politics and business.

Charles Richards, Ph.D., received a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a licensed psychotherapist and author in private practice. He has trained and coached senior executives of Fortune 100 corporations. Some of his clients at CCL included GM, IBM, Motorola, Qualcomm, Sony, Apple, Whirlpool, and Honda. Dr. Richards has been interviewed by media nationally and internationally and his work has been presented on Oprah.

Published by:  McGraw Hill
Release Date: January 17, 2011

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The Psychology of Wealth
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